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Orthomolecular medicine

De Liefde Dental Practice is not only a practice for dentistry, but also for orthomolecular medicine. In case of any physical complaints, we will focus on the causes of your symptoms. Within orthomolecular medicine, the body is stimulated to heal itself by means of native substances, vitamins, minerals and other natural substances. Regular and orthomolecular medicine can both be applied at the same time in almost all cases.

When you have been treated before or when you are still treated by a specialist, we would like to consult him. If desirable, we would like to make use of already completed examinations.

Most health care insurers will reimburse your treatment through an additional insurance. For more information, please contact your insurer.

Course of treatment

During the first appointment, we will take a medical history. We will run through it together with you and some additional questions may be asked. Afterwards you will be tested. This test will provide us with enough information to make an action plan with you. Sometimes it is necessary to plan a follow-up consultation. This way we can see whether the expected result is indeed achieved and we can adapt the plan if necessary.


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