Rietwijkerstraat 52, 1059 XB Amsterdam


Dental Practice De Liefde currently has a waiting list.

If you decide to become one of our patients, you will notice that a number of things will go differently than you may have been used to. For your first appointment we will reserve 40 minutes. In these 40 minutes we would like to get to know you and we would like to hear about your dental desires and symptoms. We will also discuss your general health. An oral health examination will take place and X-rays will be taken. You could bring your personal dental information and X-rays from your previous dentist to this appointment or you could have it sent to us. After the examination, we will discuss the current condition of your teeth with you in detail. If your dental situation is a bit more complex, we will make a second appointment to discuss this. During your first visit there will be no treatment, unless you have any acute symptoms.

We currently have a waiting list for new clients. We will contact you as soon as possible when we have room to schedule your intake.