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Oral hygiene

Having a healthy set of teeth starts with you. By brushing your teeth well and regularly, you will maintain them and your teeth will remain in good health. However, it does not mean that you will automatically remain free from any possible problems. Good oral hygiene is of great importance to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Many dental problems can be prevented by good oral hygiene. Therefore, our advice is to thoroughly clean your teeth on a regular basis. This is why, in our practice, we pay much attention to taking care of your teeth.

The appointment for the biannual dental check-up consists for the larger part of an appointment with the prevention dental assistant or the hygienist. She will clean and polish your teeth, and, in a pleasant way, she will give you instructions on how you can best take care of your teeth yourself. After this, the dentist will examine your teeth.

Every time you visit us, you will have the same dentist who will do your check-ups and with whom you will make your treatment plan. If you need specialist treatment, you will be treated by a specialist within our practice. Due to this, our lines of communication are short and we are extremely well informed.

After the periodic dental check-up we will plan the follow-up appointment for cleaning and examining your teeth, to guarantee the continuation of prevention for the benefit of durability.


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