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Implantology at Dental Practice De Liefde

An implant is an artificial root which can be used to replace a single tooth or molar, or all teeth and molars. Implants are also used to fix dental prostheses, the so-called ‘click denture’. The implant is a small screw of titanium, titanium alloy or ceramic. These kinds of materials are generally accepted by the human body. We work with implants of Straumann and Biomet.

Course of treatment

First, we invite you to have a consultation with the implantologist to discuss your possibilities. In order to establish a good diagnosis, we mainly choose to make a CBCT scan, so that the implantologist can see through a three dimensional image whether an implant is the right solution for you. He then mainly looks at the quantity and quality of the present jaw bone.

An implant will be surgically placed under a local anaesthesia, after which it will be provided with a temporary healing cap. After 7 – 10 days you will return to our practice to have the stitches removed. The implantologist will then have a look at how the healing process develops. This healing process will take about 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your medical situation and the quality and quantity of the bone. It is of great importance for you to clean your teeth well during this period. When the wound has healed and the implant has taken root, impressions will then be made in order to make the final crown, prosthesis or bridge. To make the implant last as long as possible, regular check-ups or aftercare are necessary in order to maintain the optimal healthy state of the gums and crowns.


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