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Protheses at Dental Practice De Liefde

Do you experience any pain when eating, do you have difficulty with speaking or do you have any other complaints concerning your denture? Perhaps you should consider making an appointment for creating a dental prosthesis.

Course of treatment

During your first visit, the current state of your mouth will be established by means of an oral examination and, together with you, the dentist will go through your dental history, general health and your complaints and wishes. Subsequently, a treatment plan is made and the accompanying costs are calculated. On approval, we will start your course of treatment.

At the first treatment, a temporary impression of both your jaws will be made. After some treatments the final prosthesis will be placed. Together with you, your dentist will check whether the shape and aesthetics are good and whether your speech is not influenced too much by the prosthesis. Furthermore, your dentist will provide you with some explanation concerning the maintaining of your prosthesis and the way in which you should wear it.

A dental prosthesis will last 5 to 8 years. All Dutch health insurers have included reimbursement or partial reimbursement of a dental prosthesis in their plans. As soon as you know which kind of prosthesis there will be used and what this will cost, it is wise to contact your insurance company to have it clear what possible reimbursements there are.

Click denture 

At De Liefde Dental Practice sometimes we see patients whose dental prosthesis doesn’t fit well. In consultation with the patient, we will then choose implants with which the client will receive a fixed prosthesis by means of a click system.


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