Rietwijkerstraat 52, 1059 XB Amsterdam

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Dental practice De Liefde
Rietwijkerstraat 52
1059 XB AMSTERDAM (route)

Phone: 020 614 0053
Email: info@tandartspraktijkdeliefde.nl

Opening hours

Monday8:00 — 21:30
Tuesday8:00 — 21:30
Wednesday8:00 — 21:30
Thursday8:00 — 21:30
Friday8:00 — 17:30
Saturday9:00 — 16:00
Sunday*9:00 — 16:00

*two sundays a month

New clients

Are you looking for a dentist specialized in biological dentistry? Then you are welcome with us as a new client. You can register via 020 614 0053.

If you would like to schedule an intake with a non-biological dentist, you are most welcome at one of our other practices and we will be happy to refer you to Lassus Tandartsen (www.lassus.nl).

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