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Kids at Dental Practice De Liefde

Children visit the dentist with their parents when they are about two years old. The check-up is the moment when the dentist has the chance to build a relationship of trust with the them. In case there suddenly is something wrong with your son’s or daughter’s teeth, it would be much less scary for them to visit and the treatment will go more smoothly.

Apart from building a relationship of trust, we will also give you tips on how to brush your teeth and we will give you some advice about food during these check-ups. In case caries have developed in your son’s or daughter’s teeth, we will take the time to discuss this together and to explain this to your child in a playful manner. We will communicate openly, honestly and in a way that is easily understandable for a child. Before any treatments will take place, we will first make an appointment to practice this together with dentist Maartje Damen-Brands. 


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