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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening at Dental Practice De Liefde

Have your teeth changed colour over the years and would you like to have white teeth again? At De Liefde Dental Practice we offer you the possibility of at home whitening treatment. In an orientation interview we would like to discuss your possibilities with you. During this orientation interview we will also look at possible fillings, facings, crowns and bridges. These will not be bleached during the treatment. We would like to discuss the alternatives with you.

Summer action

Have your teeth cleaned by our professionals and receive custom-made whitening trays for whitening at home!

Summer promotion:

  • Dental cleaning
  • Whitening bit for upper and lower jaw
  • Whitening syringes

From €540,- for only €399,-!

After the treatment when you pick up the whitening bits you will receive detailed instructions.

Schedule an appointment now stating ‘summer action’ via 020 614 0053. Valid until September 30.

Bleaching at home

Bleaching at home is also one of the possibilities at De Liefde Dental Practice. First, we will make impressions of your teeth, after which a dental technologist will make special retainers for the upper and lower jaw. In our practice, you will receive full instructions for bleaching at home. You can apply Opalescence bleaching gel in the retainers, after which you will have to wear these for 4 to 10 nights. 


To make an appointment call 020 614 0053 or send us your question using the form below.